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Updated: Apr 1, 2018

My piece 'Kara' featured in this photo | Styled by Heather Nette-King and photography by Armelle Habib.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Bidding is now open! To explore all artwork and start bidding visit our silent auction here: 

From November 10th, Fenton & Fenton is curating and hosting ‘Peace of Art’ 2016, a biennial online art auction showcasing a diverse collection of works from coveted and emerging Australian artists, with all proceeds going to ‘School’s a Gift’ – an Australian not for profit organisation that is helping girls and boys in deprived areas of Ethiopia attend school. Bidding is now open!  

Founder of ‘School’s a Gift’, Georgina Fenton, along with the help of her sister Lucy, tells us that “so far the charity has managed to help over 2,000 children access primary and secondary education, with over half of them being girls. Our last Peace of Art Event in 2014 exceeded expectations and raised $100,000, which built the first secondary school for the Esha Amba community; contributing to improved livelihoods and the empowerment of so many young adults, particularly girls, who are usually the most disadvantaged.” 

“Thanks to the generosity of the Australian art community, we aim to raise over $100,000 this year to further develop schools and help more children receive educational opportunities in these remote communities. The money raised will be used to rebuild a primary school that has deteriorated to the point that it is unusable, many of the children have been forced to drop out, whilst those remaining are taking classes under a tree.” 

Lucy Fenton proudly tells us that “We’ve been blown away by the support from the Australian art community, with 103 artists having each donated a piece of art, featuring a number of our regular Fenton & Fenton contributors, as well as some newcomers to our stable. You’ll be able to bid on paintings, illustrations, sculptures, wall hangings and more from the likes of Dion Horstmans, Kristen Daniels, Natalie Miller, Maryanne Moodie, Carly Williams, Michael Bond, Armelle Habib, Kara Rosenlund, Jai Vasicek, Kate Banazi, Antoinette Ferwerda and 4 time Archibald prize finalist, Carla Fletcher; amongst many more. Look out for up and coming talent like Esther Olsson, Genevieve Reynolds, Tegan Lloyd and one of our very own Tane Ozlu.”  

All artworks beautifully on display in-store as of today. We'd love you to come and check them out. 

Peace of Art Gala Event proudly supported by School's A Gift,  FREEMAN Vinyard and Chloe Maggsvia Rutherford Entertainment.  


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